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    <<< is/was here hopefully we can have another hbworld
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    Just an update. Over the next while I'll be trying to collect files, guides, etc to this forum so that when hbinfo goes down, they will be here as well. If anyone wants to assist with that they can, but I'll be doing it over the next few weeks or so. If anyone has any special requests of information to be posted then definitely make a post here outlining it all. I know I have a lot of old tools and sources that may or may not even be in circulation anymore.
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    Thank you for the space in this forum. Regards!
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    Will be glad to help as and when needed.
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    Welcome to Helbreath Xtreme. This site is an attempt to preserve the content over at helbreath.info for the foreseeable future. Helbreath.info has provided a single location for content, guides, and general help for the development of Helbreath servers and I wish to keep that going in one form or another. Over the next while until helbreath.info finally goes down I will be attempting to pull as much information off the site and get it over to here.
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